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Hot Singer : Raisa Andriana

[Hot News] - A young singer who is famous for the song " Serba Salah " and " Terjebak Nostalgia " , Raisa today officially launched the second single on her second album , titled " Pemeran Utama " .

Second single " Bye - Bye " by Raisa tells these women realize that the protagonist loses his heart .

" But she was also quite arrogant for saying ' I want to go back ." So there are no regrets just because it lost the lead role , " Raisa said when met at the Hard Rock Cafe Pacific Place , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 02 / 10 ) .
Songs created by this Ladder Kamga official personnel played in 148 radio in Indonesia at 12.00 pm . Video clips can be enjoyed on the Youtube account @ raisa6690 at 15:00 pm today.

According to Raisa , the first song will be included on the first album . However, a number of considerations , finally a new song Main actors entered in the second album.

" The song was already there when the first album , but after weighing mending Stuck Nostalgia first . Pas finally enter the second album, this song , " said Raisa.

Raisa said second album out soon next month . His first album with the same name, Raisa , was launched in 2011 ago.
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